Aurora Viewing

Enjoy the magical Alaskan Sky


Each and every Aurora company in Fairbanks has a unique way of catering to prospective clients. Aurora Pioneer Manor is working towards making sure every customer walks away with the best experience possible. Aurora viewing from the Manor is considered a stationary viewing opportunity for those that don’t want to get out in the cold or prefer to watch from a Hot Tub. We have rooms that are facing north along with a sitting room which allows for viewing from the warmth of our Bed and Breakfast. We provide help with camera setup if needed and instruction for those that have limited experience with night time photography. If for any reason the weather around the manor is insufficient for aurora viewing we also offer aurora tours through our sister company Aurora Pioneer Tours.  For those customers that are interested in taking one of our tours please inquire while booking your stay with us. More information on our tours is as follows.

For the customer that is looking for a more intimate experience with one on one help from experienced Aurora and nighttime photography experts this is the company for you. To start the evening we will begin by taking you to a remote location, which gives you the best viewing of the Aurora for your memorable visit to Fairbanks. During this trip to the location we will review why we refer to this as chasing the Aurora and what factors go into making the decisions on where to go and what times are best for viewing this spectacular light show. Using various forecasts and data sources, which can be found on our home page, we can determine where the Aurora activity most likely will be along with where cloudy weather conditions are which can significantly impact your experience. Because the weather has a huge impact on where viewing is possible, we may have to visit multiple locations throughout the evening to get the best photos of the Aurora.

To be able to get the true experience of chasing the Aurora we may have to travel a short way through deep snow with extreme temperature variances for long periods of time. For those that cannot or choose not to do this you may stay near the vehicle that will stay warm for you and the rest of the group when we get back. Those that wish to take full advantage we recommend you either bring clothing that will keep you warm in Interior Alaska’s extreme weather or rent the clothing through available sources here.

We would recommend you bring along snacks and other beverages that will help you through the long night. Out of all of our Aurora viewing locations there is only one with accessibility to restroom facilities. The rest of the locations are very remote and therefore have no amenities, so please plan accordingly.